tecnics grupos electrogenos - porque confiar en nostros, experiencia, innovación, flexibilidad, dinamismo, pasión, compromiso y cercanía.Why trust us?


Tecnics Carpi Dakar has a team of professionals with long experience in the energy generation sector, with the capacity to design, manufacture and adapt their own equipment to the specific needs of their customers.


The permanent investment in R + D + I, allows to modernize periodically manufacturing processes, products and services. This allows Tecnics Carpi Dakar to be at the forefront of innovation in the sector.


The ability to analyze the specific needs of each client, combined with the possibility of custom adaptation of the product, allows to obtain the best results in the most complex projects.


A sector and market in continuous evolution, forces Tecnics Carpi Dakar to be fast in the adaptation and incorporation of innovations that are produced at all levels. So that our products and services are up to the most demanding markets.

Commitment and closeness

Knowing the client and collaborating with them proactively, professionally and transparently, help to create the climate of mutual trust that characterizes Tecnics Carpi Dakar.


Tecnics Carpi Dakar contributes its passion to improve in every project and the illusion of satisfying its clients, with this attitude, helps its clients and to itself to improve every day and obtain the best results.